18 noviembre 2022

Category: Empleo
18 noviembre 2022,

The aim of this Doctorate position funded by “La Caixa” is to develop the next generation of perfusion cardiac magnetic resonance imaging to generate high-resolution quantitative images of blood flow with complete heart coverage, without patients having to hold their breath. More specifically, the Doctorate contract holder is expected to:
1. Conceptualize pCMR forward models.
2. Develop model-based reconstruction solutions including motion compensation where
3. Publish manuscripts in scientific journals and present findings at international conferences.
The project will be developed at the Image Processing Laboratory of the University of
Valladolid (Spain) in collaboration with Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares
(Spain), the Institute for Systems and Robotics- Lisboa, Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal),
and the Quantitative Bio-Imaging Lab of the Center for Marine Sciences (CCMAR) from the
University of Algarve (Portugal), and will include visits to the laboratories involved.

  • Ciudad : Valladolid
  • Organización : La boratorio de Procesado de Imagen. ETSI Telecomunicación. Universidad de Valladolid