19 julio 2019
Category: Empleo
19 julio 2019,

Dear colleagues,

We have a number of exciting opportunities (2 postdoctoral research assistants and 1 PhD scholarship) to join the Computational Cardiovascular Science group at Oxford.

1) Postdoctoral Research Assistant (3 years): Conducting original research under the supervision of Dr Alfonso Bueno-Orovio, you will be developing personalised human ventricular models, based on multi-modality magnetic resonance and electrocardiographic imaging studies from patients, and conducting high performance computing studies using the personalised models, in order to investigate risk stratification and tailoring of pharmacological therapy. Closing date: 16 August 2019. Link: http://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/news/1705-full.html

2) Postdoctoral Research Assistant (for 3 years): Under the supervision of Prof Blanca Rodriguez (Professor of Computational Medicine) and Dr Alfonso Bueno-Orovio (BHF Intermediate Fellow), you will have responsibility for carrying out impactful research on atrial fibrillation at the interface of cardiology and computational modelling and simulation science. You will work in close collaboration with our clinical and industrial partners, and other members of the team. Closing date: 16 August 2019. Link: http://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/news/1704-full.html

3) DPhil Studentship (for 3 years): Under the supervision of Dr Alfonso Bueno-Orovio, this PhD project focuses on the interplay between electrical and structural remodelling in human heart disease, and in particular Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, in close synergy with experimental and clinical research. Closing date: 12 August 2019. Link: http://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/news/1707-full.html

  • Ciudad : Oxford (UK)
  • Organización : University of Oxford