SEIB has agreements with the following networks of excellence:

CIBER-BBN: Biomedical Research Network Center in Bioengineering, Biomaterials and Nanomedicine

CIBER-BBN is one of the nine CIBER consortia established in Spain. They were founded under the leadership of the National Health Institute Carlos III (ISCIII) to impulse excellence research and support the critical mass of researchers in the fields of Biomedicine and Life Sciences. CIBER-BBN was officially started in December 2006.

CIBER-BBN is structured around three transversal research programs: Bioengineering and biomedical imaging, Biomaterials and tissue engineering, and Nanomedicine. Research at this center is focused on the development of systems for the prevention, diagnosis and follow-up of pathologies, together with technologies related with specific therapies, including Regenerative Medicine and Nanotherapies.

The global objectives of CIBER-BBN strategic program include the increase of research capabilities of its member groups, through the shared use of resources, coordination and synergies. CIBER-BBN aims at a higher and better use of advanced technologies in the National Health System, increasingly becoming the national reference in these technologies. Simultaneously, it is intended the increase of Spanish participation in international research networks and decision forums in the field. In addition, improve the technological level of national industry in this area, and promote the emergence of specialists with a high level of expertise in health technologies.

CIBER-BBN is composed by 47 research groups: 45 full-right members and 2 associate members. According to the kind of institution, these are distributed as follows: Universities (23), Hospitals (7), National Research Council (CSIC) (7), Technological Centers (2), and Other Institutions (8).

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