26 febrero 2015
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26 febrero 2015,

Se incluye en esta noticia la información recibida acerca del congreso 10th International Conference on Bioelectromagnetism (ICBEM2015)

In June 16-19, 2015, the 10th International Conference on Bioelectromagnetism (ICBEM2015) www.icbem2015.eu of the International Society for Bioelectromagnetism http://www.isbem.org/ (initiated in 1996 by Prof. Jaakko Malmivuo, Finland) will be held in Tallinn, Estonia. The previous conferences have been held in 2013 (Geneva, Switzerland), 2011 (Banff, Canada), 2009 (Rome, Italy), 2007 (Aizu, Japan), 2005 (Minneapolis, USA), 2002 (Montreal, Canada), 2000 (Bled, Slovenia), 1998 (Melbourne, Australia), 1996 (Tampere, Finland).

This is my duty and pleasure to organize the 10th conference in Tallinn. The conference covers all the aspect of electrical and magnetic area items plus electro-optic, electro-acoustic and other mixed area phenomena in biology and medicine. The presented papers will be published in the International Journal of Biolectromagnetism http://www.ijbem.org/ after additional peer reviewing. Electrical bioimpedance related papers can be published in the Journal of Electrical Bioimpedance www.bioimpedance.net. I am kindly asking you to help me and colleagues in carrying out the conference successfully.

Mart Min,
President of the ICBEM 2015
Professor at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

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